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Why Every Guitarist Needs To Know The Blues Scale

Regardless of what genre you play, the blues scale is an essential tool for lead guitar players. Sure, it makes your blues sound blues-ier, but it also makes your rock rock-ier, and your country country-ier. Ok, I'll stop making up words now...

What You Need To Know Before Starting

Before you jump right in, let's make sure this is the right course for you to be taking right now. Doing this now will save you a headache later.

The Blues Scale System

I'm going to go ahead and show you the entire blues scale system so you can have a big picture of what we'll be learning. If you're excited and want to memorize the whole thing, go for it!! If not, don't worry. We'll spend plenty of time learning the forms later.

Form III

Not all forms are created equal. Form III is hands down the most important form, so be sure and start here!

Form II

Form II is a great way to start expanding down the neck and to learn proper left hand fingerings.

Form I

Form 1 is played in the open position which makes it a little easier; however, I'll also show you how to play it in other locations so you aren't a one-trick-pony.

Form IV

Only two forms left! You're almost there...

Form V

You made it! Lets knock out one more form and you will have mastered the entire blues scale.

A Final Thought

Feeling a little overwhelmed? I'd be surprised if you weren't. Learning a new scale system is quite an undertaking. Watch this video for some tried and true practice techiniques and a mindset that will help you make the blues scale a part of your musical vocabulary.