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Regardless of Age, Experience, or Natural Ability

"Jake has been the perfect teacher, I feel like I'm learning guitar from an old friend. "

- Doug Y., GuitarWise Member

What's Inside?

Rhythm & Chords

Chord dictionaries and tab websites are essentially useless when it comes to understanding the guitar. If you know the essential chord shapes and how to use them, learning songs is a piece of cake. 

Lead & Improvisation

Many guitarists find themselves stuck in the first 3 frets. In the course library, Jake guides you through the process of applying the right scales and techniques to start exploring the fretboard right away.

Theory & Composition

At some point it's not enough to spend your time learning other people's songs. True fluency on the guitar starts when you have the tools to create music of your own.

3 Reasons Why GuitarWise is for you

& 1 reason it may not be!

1. You are tired of playing the same thing over and over again.

I get it. Most guitarists plateau after the first few months and end up playing the same thing over and over again. This is because new concepts and techniques can seem daunting or confusing. In The GuitarWise course library, I break every complex topic into simple, actionable steps. 

2. You are interested in writing your own songs and being able to jam with other skilled musicians.

Good for you! In order to become a fluent musician, creating your own music and playing with other guitarists is essential. Unfortunately, the vast majority of online lessons are only helping you learn to play songs. While songs are great, they are not going to make you a fluent musician. That's why I teach musical concepts instead of songs.

3. You deserve a mentor that is a good guitar teacher... not just a good guitarist.

While it is easy to find a good guitar player, it can be very difficult to find a good guitar teacher. In fact, it takes just as long to become a good teacher as it does to become a good guitarist. I am passionate about the art of guitar playing and the art of teaching. This is why I have a thriving teaching studio in Austin, Tx and a large musical community across the globe.

4. may not be for you if you are just wanting to learn to play songs. 

I know this may sound strange, but learning songs to become a fluent guitarist is kind of like memorizing a few phrases in Spanish and then hoping to be a fluent Spanish speaker. Instead I teach musical concepts like rhythm, lead, and theory. When you know the concepts you can play any song or even write your own!

Here is What Members Are Saying

After several years of "playing" guitar with no training, I started getting frustrated with the lack of progress. I finally decided to get serious and I'm glad I went with GuitarWise. Jake is a very keen teacher, which is exactly what I needed. I've made more progress in the past couple of months than I did in years on my own. More importantly it's been a lot of fun.

Solomon N.

GuitarWise Member

I'm in my 50's and just started playing a few years ago. GuitarWise has been perfect, I feel like I'm learning guitar from an old friend. Jake's extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and just a great overall teacher and coach. He's helped me overcome hurdles I never thought I'd achieve and he's a real cool guy dedicated to his craft. Highly recommended GuitarWise!

Doug Y.

GuitarWise Member

GuitarWise has given me the confidence to pick up an instrument and feel like I have the ability to play, learn, and develop. I'm 45 and always assumed it was way too late for me to learn, but Jake, with his simple but super effective methodology, has taught me the basics and brought me up to fluid playing without me even realizing it. Several thumbs up, couldn't recommend enough. 

Kester H.

GuitarWise Member

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