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There is one question that every guitarist should be asking, but no one actually does. Everyone asks, "how long should I practice?" but no one ever asks, "how do I practice? This is because everyone thinks they already know.

In truth, there are a lot of different practice techniques that accomplish a lot of different things. Playing something over and over again from start to finish is the absolute worst way to practice. Here is what to do instead...

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Why Guitarists Get Stuck

Some guitarists feel stuck right at the beginning and others can play for years before feeling stuck. Either way, it is eventually going to happen. Here is why and how to move past a plateau.

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Memory Vs. Fluency

Just because you can say a few phrases in Spanish doesn't make you a fluent speaker. In the same way, knowing a few chords or songs doesn't make you a fluent musician. Here is the difference...

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Core Philosophies

A few of these philosophies may surprise you, but ultimately they lead to better results and less frustration.

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The PracticeWise Model

The time-tested system that can take you from feeling like a musical foreigner to speaking the musical language like a pro.

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Developing your awareness practice is like laying a foundation before you build a house. It isn't the most exciting part, but its importance cannot be understated.

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These ridiculously simple practice techniques will cut your practice time in half. So why don't most guitarists use them?!?!

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Does your playing sound choppy and disconnected? This is where integration practices can be a life saver.

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Why is it that two guitarists can play the exact same notes and rhythms, but one sounds like a pro, and the other sounds like a beginner? The answer lies in the subtle art of phrasing...

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Immersion practice is far and away the most exciting part of being a musician. It may take you a bit outside of your comfort zone, but it is the final step in developing your artistry and becoming a fluent musician.

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Can I really Learn?

Many adult guitarists have a nagging fear that it is too late for them to start learning or that they lack natural musical ability. In this final lesson, Jake offers a unique perspective that has guided this entire course and will give you clear direction and confidence. Plus, a special discount code if you are interested in sticking around!