Power Chords

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Tired of spending your whole life in the first three frets of the guitar? Easily unlock the fretboard with one of the most famous shapes in guitar playing. By mastering power chords and a touch of music theory, you can incorporate these into any song or write your own. See you inside!

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Technique (start here)

Here is everything you need to know to develop good habits the first time. 

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6th String Power Chords

Get comfortable exploring the fretboard with power chords with 6th string root notes.

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5th String Power Chords

While these are very similar to 6th string power chords, there is an extra concern when playing 5th string power chords. 

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Cross String Power Chords

Rock on... You are now ready to mix 5th and 6th string power chords!

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Finding Any Power Chord

This lesson covers the microscopic amount of theory you need to know in order to use power chords in any song.

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Power Chord Improvisation

Want to know how to come up with your own riffs without using any theory at all? Check out this trick rock players use all the time.