Pentatonic Scale System

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Ever wonder how guitar players are able to improvise all over the neck of the guitar? Mastering the pentatonic scale system is the quickest way of joining the ranks as a lead guitar player. In this course, you will learn the 5 scale patterns, creative ways of switching between them, and characteristic guitar licks that will have you playing like a pro in no time!

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Save yourself the head-scratching and watch this first video to make sure you are familiar with the vocabulary I'll be using throughout the course.

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The Pentatonic Scale System

The first step of any scale system is playing each pattern ascending and descending. Depending on your learning style, you can memorize all 5 forms upfront, or you can learn them one at a time.

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Form III

The holy grail of pentatonic forms. If you only master one, this is it.

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Form II

Form II is the only symmetrical form, so it is the easiest to memorize. It also is a great way to start expanding out from form III.

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Form I

Form I is in the open position, meaning we use open strings. While this can make the scale easier to play, there are also special considerations regarding this form.

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Form IV

If you have taken the LeadWise course, you will realize that form IV contains the "House Scale" and is an excellent addition to your scale repertoire.

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Form V

Not going to lie, Form V is a little strange. There is a bit more shifting involved, so pay careful attention to this form.

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2 Diagonal Patterns

Diagonal patterns sound and look flashy. They are also a really creative way to switch in between the scale forms.

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Practice Drills

While there is no substitute for jamming with friends or over backing tracks, incorporating practice drills can make you feel like you have really committed the scale patterns to muscle memory.

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Changing Keys

Feel confident jamming over songs in any key. If this seems over your head, please refer to the "Form III In Any Key" lesson in the LeadWise course.