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Many guitarists find written music frustrating and often give up; However, if you know a few simple tricks, reading music can feel like reading a book. 

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3 Ways of Learning Music

Reading written music is only one way that guitarists learn music. Here are the other two!

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3 Types of Written Music

Knowing what different types of music will help you pick which one works best for you.

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Common Frustrations

Keeping these in mind can really save you a lot of grief as you are learning to read music!

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Chord Diagrams

Understanding how to read chord diagrams will make you feel like an independent guitarist. You will no longer have to have someone else show you how to make a chord if you can quickly interpret these.

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Chord Charts

My personal favorite style of music because they give you the essential information about a song and nothing more. These lend themselves really well to creative guitarists.

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Learning to read tablature will help you when you are learning specific riffs, picking patterns, or guitar solos. While Tab can be a bit confusing at first, this guide will help you read tab like you would read a book.

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You could speak your native tongue way before you could read and write. In the same way, you need to trust your musical knowledge when you are learning to read music.

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Online Resources

Where should you go to find the best-written music?