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Does soloing and improvisation feel like a mystery? LeadWise is the quickest way to go from not knowing anything about playing lead to feeling confident jamming in any situation. I skip out on the majority of the music theory and just show you how to start improvising right away!

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This quick video lets you know how to use LeadWise for the maximum amount of value!

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The House

This miniature scale is legendary and has the potential to sound amazing when practiced correctly.

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Form III

While this is often the first scale people memorize, most guitarists never learn how to apply the scale in a musical situation. With just a few tips, you will know exactly what to do when it's your turn to solo!

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Form III & The House

Now that you know the two most important scales, here is how you put them together.

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With this simple tool, you will be able to play over the majority of the fretboard with ease. Plus, it looks really cool ;)

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Form III In Any Key

One simple theory trick that allows you solo in any key.

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Relative Keys

I know, I know... I said no theory. But trust me when I say the concept is relevant and will go a long way towards you understanding music as a whole. 

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The Blues Scale

Adding the blues notes into your improvisation will dramatically add complexity and variation into your sound. Even though we call it the "Blues Scale" it works really well in all genres.

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Diatonic Notes

Genres like jazz, classical, and certain forms of rock will need these extra notes to sound stylistically accurate. This is a really easy way to incorporate the diatonic scale.