Fretboard Theory

6 Lessons

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So many guitarists play for years without actually understanding how the fretboard works. The funny thing is, it’s really not that difficult. After this course you will be able to tune by ear, quickly find any note on the guitar, and build a solid foundation in fretboard theory.

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5th Fret Tuning Method

This is the easiest method to tune by ear. Besides just having an in-tune guitar, this lesson provides some essential groundwork that will help you over and over again!

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Fretboard Theory 101

Most people feel very confused by the fretboard because they have not memorized the a few basic things. Once you commit these things to memory, every thing else makes perfect sense.

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Natural Notes

Don't waste your time memorizing chromatic scales (E F F# G G# A...) It takes way too long and it isn't even that useful. Memorizing the Natural Notes (E F G A B...) cuts the work in half and has a lot more application.

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Anchor Notes

Memorizing the fretboard is a daunting task and many guitarists go their entire life without doing it. In order to ease the pain of the fretboard, I recommend memorizing these anchor notes first.

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Unison Notes

One of the unique qualities of the guitar is that you can play the same note in different places. While this becomes extremely useful, it can also be a bit confusing if you don't understand the concept of unison notes.

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The octave interval is another "hack" in learning the fretboard. I know professional guitarists who still use this trick to find their way around the guitar neck.