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There are an endless amount of chords, but how many chords do you really need to know? Unfortunately, chord dictionaries and tab sharing websites are essentially useless when it comes to real-life guitar playing. In this course, Jake only teaches practical, easy open chords. No barring, no extra fluff. See you on the inside!

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How To Play Any Song

Have you ever decided not to learn a song because you were overwhelmed by hard chords? 

We've all been there. You look up a great song and are overwhelmed by unfamiliar chords. You're thinking "What the heck is a C#m7?" or "Oh crap, I have to use a bar chord for the F!" 

Fluent guitar players know the tricks. How to use chord sets, substitutions, and open chords in place of all of the gibberish you see online. When you master a chord set, you can learn songs quickly and even write your own. Ready to play around the campfire?

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10 Essential Chords

The vast majority of music can be played with these 10 chords. Check it out!

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The G Chord Set

This is the first and one of the most valuable chord sets you will ever learn. The chords are really easy to transition between and have been the inspiration for a lot of legendary songs!

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The C Chord Set

The C Chord Set is extremely common and has a lot of variation to it. Combined with the G chord set in the last video, you now have all of the most popular chords at your disposal.

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The D Chord Set

The D Chord Set is a touch harder than C and G, but it opens up the door to a whole new group of songs. Be sure to keep your 3rd finger on the 2nd string!

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The E Chord Set

This E chord set will be one of your first opportunities to move down the neck of the guitar. While the stretch can be difficult to manage, it helps a ton when you start playing barre chords.

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The A Chord Set

The A Chord Set is the most challenging of the bunch because the chord shapes aren't as connected; however, it also repeats a lot of chords that you already know at this point and has a really easy way to play C#m.