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One of the most common roadblocks for guitarists is the dreaded barre chord. It can be one of the hardest concepts to master on the guitar, but only if it is taught incorrectly. In this course Jake breaks barre chords down to easy steps you can master and apply.

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4 Essential Barre Chord Shapes

While there are a lot of bar chord shapes you could learn, there are only 4 essential shapes. Master these and you will feel like you can play any chord, anywhere, on the guitar.

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Most Common Mistakes

There is a reason why so many guitarists hate bar chords. It is really easy to develop bad habits and focus not the wrong things. Watch this video to make sure you avoid these pitfalls.

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Barre Chord Technique

With this technical lesson, you should be able to play a bar chord even if you have never been able to do so before!

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Open E Shape

Did you know the barring finger is really only responsible for 2-4 strings on a barre chord? The others are covered by your other fingers and are just as important! When you master this open chord exercise it won't be too hard to add the bar on later.

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E Shape Barre Chord

Alright, it's time to start barring! Remember to have a lot of grace with yourself here and to not be too perfectionistic.

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Em Shape Barre Chord

The 2nd essential shape. Adding this chord shape will add a great dynamic to your playing.

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Open A Shape

Don't skip the open A shape exercise. It will prepare you to make the most difficult shape yet.

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A Shape Barre Chord

The dreaded A shape bar chord isn't so difficult once you have done all of the steps leading up to it. Pay careful attention to your technique and you will be good to go!

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Am Shape Barre Chord

This chord shape should feel familiar as it is very similar to the E shape bar chord.

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Advanced Chord Progression

Ready to prove you have mastered the art of the bar chord? This advanced exercise will prepare you for any music you encounter.

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Find Any Chord

Just a touch of theory so you can locate and play any chord without having to look it up. Man, you're starting to look like a real guitarist over there!