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Learn to practice, so the guitar feels like an extension of your body. No Credit Card. No Obligation. 

"Jake has been the perfect teacher, I feel like I'm learning guitar from an old friend. "

- Doug Y., GuitarWise Member

What's Inside?

15+ Practice Strategies

Using the wrong practice strategy is like using a hammer to do the job of a nail gun. In this course, I teach and demonstrate over 15 practice strategies that will expedite your process.

Afraid It's Too Late To Learn?

You're not the only one. Most adults I teach feel they missed out on early life musical experience or natural talent. Fortunately, there is a lot more to the story and anyone at any age can advance quickly with the right practice techniques.

How To Get Past Being "Stuck"

Some guitarists feel stuck right at the beginning and some feel stuck after a year or two. Either way, it is eventually going to happen. In this course I explain why this happens and how to move past it.

Why Is The Course Free?

1. You deserve to know if you like my teaching style before signing up for a paid membership.

If anyone is ever trying to take your money or get your credit card information without letting you experience their teaching style first, you can be sure they are more concerned with their wallet than your success. This course is free because I want you to experience my teaching without any pressure to sign up, EVER.

2. I am passionate about helping people express themselves on the guitar.

Whether you are playing your favorite song, improvising, or writing your own music, sitting down with a guitar and being able to express yourself fully is one of the most magical experiences in the world. This is why I have dedicated my life to mentoring fellow guitarists and songwriters to do just that.

3. There is a difference between good guitarist and a good guitar teacher.

In fact, it takes just as long to master the art of teaching as it does to master the art of the guitar. While there are plenty of lessons across the internet, the vast majority were created by guitarists who are not also passionate teachers. You will know you have found quality teaching when you feel inspired to practice, greater clarity, and you see quick results.