Virtual Guitar Lessons For Adults

Private Instruction - Expert Teaching - No Strings Attached

"Jake has been the perfect teacher, I feel like I'm learning guitar from an old friend. "

- Doug Y., Student

5 Reasons Why GuitarWise is Right for you

1. It's not hard to find a good guitarist online; however, it is very difficult to find a good guitar teacher.

Most guitar teachers are good at playing guitar, but not necessarily good at teaching it. I am a passionate, seasoned teacher with a degree in music and a degree in education. I have taught in public schools, universities, art centers, and private studios since 2006 and have mentored hundreds of guitarists in all styles.

2. While most teachers focus on songs, I focus on musical concepts.

Learning a song without understanding the underlying concepts is like memorizing a few phrases in Spanish, but not actually being able to speak that language. While it is a cool party trick, you will undoubtedly feel like a musical foreigner once you try to jam with other musicians, write a song, or improvise down the fretboard.

3. I host virtual performance circles and concerts every month that will actually make you a better guitarist.

There are many things about music that cannot be learned on youtube, tab websites, or even in private lessons. If you want to speak the musical language like a native, you need to be in a musical community learning from great performers, getting to know other guitarists, and sharing your work. Any program that does not offer a community aspect to your guitar playing is not offering the full picture. 

4. Instant access to the GuitarWise video course library.

Since 2006, I have literally taught tens-of-thousands of private lessons. During these sessions I have discovered tried and true techniques that make the most difficult concepts seem easy. As soon as it is thoroughly tested, I record it and upload it to so you have 24/7 access.

5. You will be treated with patience and respect, regardless of your experience or natural ability.

While I enjoy teaching professional musicians, my true passion is working adult beginners and walking with them every step of the way. In fact, many of the students that began with little experience now play for family, hang out at jam sessions, play at open mics, and even perform professionally.

You May Be Wondering...

"Why is the first lesson free?"

 Offering the first lesson free allows you to get a feel for my teaching style without worrying about money. I will also evaluate your goals and make sure I am the best teacher for you. There is no catch and no sales pitch.

"Are Virtual Lessons Effective?"

Many people ask this question before the free trial lesson and no one ever does afterwards. Virtual lessons work just as well as traditional lessons and even have added benefits.

"How much does it cost?"

If you're interested in continuing after your free trial session, I charge $128/month for weekly half-hour lessons or $256/month for weekly hour lessons. All memberships include access to the course library, performance circles, and exclusive concerts.